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Welcome to YogaInbound Studio, the community yoga studio present across 6 states! YogaInbound is a beautiful, family-friendly community center located in the heart of the city.

How Our Yoga Therapy Can Help

Yoga therapy is the conscious use of yoga exercises for therapeutic purposes such as the treatment of minor ailments, and, sometimes, to promote overall well being. After specific personal training, yoga practices may also be recruited to influence the course of serious diseases like cancer. Let’s look into the  potential benefits of yoga for specific diseases


Rheumatic illnesses respond particularly well to yoga. Meditation can help to restore balance to the immune system, and yoga stretches can help to relieve stiff joints.

Breathing Disorders

Asana and pranayama can help to improve lung capacity, as well as the conveyance of oxygen to muscle tissue throughout the body. As importantly, a regular asana/pranayama practice teaches the practitioner how to oxygenate all parts of her lungs.


Yoga can help cancer patients/survivors to reduce stress and to cope with depression, shame and fear. Asanas help to maintain/regain movement and muscle tone.

Cardiac Disease

Our Yoga therapy can help to increase heart strength, and to decrease the workload upon the heart. Even beginner yogis/yoginis are able to better control their blood pressure levels through yoga.

Chronic Fatigue

Unlike many other forms of exercise which deplete energy stocks, yoga restores practitioners’ energy, making it an appropriate choice for chronic fatigue sufferers.


Gentle/restorative yoga supports fibromyalgia sufferers by helping to maintain energy and strength and relaxing tight, sore muscles. Yoga can reduce anxiety and depression and improve sleeping patterns for chronic pain sufferers.

Multiple Sclerosis

Yoga helps in the improvement of circulation, balance, flexibility, eyesight, relaxation strategies. Reduction in muscle tension, nervousness, depression, anxiety and emotional stress.


Establishing a regular yoga practices activates the parasympathetic nervous system (the system that governs the relaxation response), lowering the heart rate and the blood pressure.

Our Studio

Yoga Inbound in the City of Los Angeles

Yoga is a practice that truly teaches acceptance of yourself, and where you are at the moment. It enables you to discover awareness of, and attention to your body and mind. It gives you the opportunity to relax. To give yourself permission to leave behind the burdens of expectation, and anticipation. An approach to life that isn’t part of our western culture. But something positive that I think we all need to learn in order to stay healthy.

Keeping in line, Youa Inbound offer a wide range of classes, from gentle & intro yoga, kids & prenatal yoga, to intermediate and advanced classes.

We also offer private classes to give one-on-one guidance and support to newer students and students with special needs.

In addition to our wide array of concerts and workshops, We are delighted to host yoga birthday parties and other special events.

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Yoga Inbound - New Dimension

Yoga Inbound made a massive difference to us here through their corporate yoga program. The intuitive and customised approach to each individual’s levels of competency was amazing. This was of great value to all of our staff – from yoga beginners to advanced class participants.
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Yoga Massage Classes

Say goodbye to stressed muscles, chronic pain, and too-tight tendons. Feel good all over with the magic touch of massage therapy.


Do you have sore or tight muscles? Do you suffer from a sports-related injury? Remedial massage therapy can relax and soften injured and overused muscles, reduce spasms and cramping, increase joint flexibility.


Enhance posture, movement and body awareness. Do you spend your day at a desk staring at a computer screen? The physiological effects of poor posture can take some time to register on your pain threshold.


Experts predict that stress causes 80-90% of illnesses. The solution? Allow yourself to relax and unwind more often. This is easier said than done, and you might benefit from Manual Lymphatic Drainage


Are you looking to create a healthy workplace? Remedial chair massage, done fully clothed, is a great way to stretch and soothe stressed shoulder, neck and back muscles. This is a perfect activity for workplace.

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